Writing, Recording, Mastering!  

In a writing mood lately, and have several new songs coming out soon!  First though, I'll be heading back to Capitol Records to master 5 new tunes that had been waiting around for a final mix.  Last time I was there Robert Vosgien (Capitol Engineer) mentioned that all 4 Beatles had been in the same small room where we were mastering which was a thrill for me, and after I came to, he casually added "oh by the way, did you know they mastered Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the moon in the same room?"  I lost my mind. It's a very tiny room.  You can actually see the small mastering room by scrolling down to the last picture in this link.  I'm also recording 5 new songs with engineer/producer Thom Flowers.  We recorded drums first on the new songs in LA with Austin Beede at Palmquist Studios (formerly Infrasonic), and while taking a dinner break we ran into Henry Diltz (photographer). If you are not familiar with Henry's work, well, you probably are but don't know it. He shot many iconic album covers in the 60's-70's. He also shot McCartney for Life Magazine Cover!  Then we returned to Santa Barbara and soon after recorded Dean Dinning (Toad the Wet Sprocket) on bass at Orange Whip Studios (Now located in Goleta CA). Tony Riparetti (lead guitar player in my live band) also recorded electric guitar parts at Orange Whip and also did a cool acoustic guitar track at his own studio (Sound Logic). So super excited to be back writing, recording, and getting new music ready for release!  Love performing the new songs!  

Under the Rock w Tracy! We are Live on Air KCSB 91.9 

The band recently played live on the radio at KCSB 91.9. Super Fun. Tracy Lincoln who hosts "Under the Rock" radio show on Friday nights from 10-Midnight invited the band to play. He has been playing every song on my Big Love EP this past year and so we couldn't refuse an offer to play live on his show!  Eric Fredricey the sound engineer was marvelous to work with and he dialed us in effortlessly along with his helper Manny!.  We performed several songs from the Big Love EP and also a couple songs that are on our new EP that will be coming out soon.  Always a thrill playing live, as anything can happen, and did!  Hopefully we will have a live stream to share soon! 

Should I stay or Should I go? Farewell to ROY? 

Roy Coleman who was the drummer with the band about 2 years was celebrated during what we thought was his last gig by playing a farewell party to honor him at the Creekside.  An awesome day, blue skies and even Valentines Day!  Our Big Love Ep was a great thematic backdrop for his fond farewell occasion. Then he called us shortly after and said we were offered  a gig a few months out at the Brewhouse! I think we have a new nickname for Roy. Velcroy! 


Summer News 2014 

I love summer, it's my favorite time of year. Blue skies, warm weather, sunlight until late in the evening which makes for great outdoor music events.  I enjoy performing outdoors and will be playing Santa Barbara's Summer Festival on the Mesa at La Mesa Park on July 12th (Saturday) at 5pm.  We played a handful of mini festivals this past month as well as one of our favorite small intimate patio venues in Summerland CA called Cafe Luna. We plan to play a few more patio shows this summer so keep an eye out.  I have also been working on getting a few gigs up and down the California Coast.  I have a show in North Hollywood at the Republic of Pie on Tuesday July 15th at 8pm, which will most likely be a duo or trio set-up. I have a pending gig in San Luis Obispo on September 9th at Linnaea's  If you know of a venue in your own town that would appreciate my kind of music, please contact me via the website and we will try to make it happen! 

Radio air-play!! KCSB 91.9 Staring at the Sun! 

Staring at the Sun was finally played on the radio!  Aired last night April 8th, 2014 on KCSB  91.9 around 8:44 pm.
A tremendous shout out to Valarie Mulberry who unselfishly presented and promoted my Big Love CD
during her own live performance.  Additional thanks to DJ, Philip Le Vasseur at KCSB who brought me to the airwaves first!
Please check out Valarie Mulberry's new music, like her FB page, and support her Simple Things, (debut LP) record on her website, iTunes and all digital outlets! 

2014 We're baaaaack 

After a longer than intended hiatus, we have resurfaced with some new original tunes, and live gigs.  We played SOhO (one of our favorites) in SB on February 20th, supporting Valarie Mulberry's CD Release "Simple Things", we had a great local turnout, and now we are looking forward to some fun summer gigs!!  Finished mixing new material with Thom Flowers and will set a release date for distribution after we finish the artwork.  The band moved into a new rehearsal space in March so things are starting to pick up. We'll be booking as many shows as we can for the summer and hope to begin playing in LA during or soon after summer. Hope to see you at the shows!  

Orange Whip Vocal Sessions June-July 2013 

Finished recording vocals and harmonies for 2 new songs at "Orange Whip" recording studio in Goleta CA with Thom Flowers. I started the music for them at JR Richards (Dishwalla) Ghost in the Machine studio in Santa Barbara, and they are currently titled Flight of an Angel and Roll the Window Down. The other 3 songs due on the forthcoming EP, Heart Wide Open, Grace, Letting Go were all recorded by Thom Flowers, in Austin TX.  Ironically, those 3 songs were finshed vocally at JR's Studio in SB. Tony Riparetti added some great guitar parts on "Flight of an Angel" (Tony has since joined the live David Loeppke Band). Thom is currently mixing the forthcoming EP again here in CA, and then off to master with Robert Vosgien (Capitol Records). Robert did an excellent job mastering the Big Love EP.

2013 New Lineup 

I've been rehearsing a new band.  Tony Riparetti on guitar, Roy Coleman on drums and Winfield Shiras on bass. We played our first practice gig up at the Paradise Store in the mountains of Santa Barbara on May 25th 2013.  Small but super cool venue. Beautiful views and removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.  We are looking to do a few more local gigs to get tight and then book some LA shows.  Our new sound has the same dynamic contrast but the gutiars are more rock and definitely have more of an edge which I love.  

Music Coming Soon! 

Well I'm putting the finishing touches on 3 new songs called "Letting Go", "Heart Wide Open", and "Grace" they will be mixed by Thom Flowers who also did another fantastic job producing and playing guitar on them, and then hopefully mastered at Capitol records again in the next month or two. It seems everyone has their hands full these days so it's a patience game but  I promise new music is finally coming!!!  I have two more new songs I'm finishing in the studio with JR Richards (Dishwalla). He has been a great inspiration and friend the past year, recording my new songs, coaching me to get the vocal sound I'm after, and keeping me focused.  I'm also putting together a NEW band which includes a great new guitar player which promises to make for some powerful live shows.  

LIfe on Planet 9 coming to SoHO SB Jan 26th!!

Save the date Thurs Jan 26th as we will be co-hosting a show at SoHO in Santa Barbara and welcoming our good friends from the new band Life on Planet 9!! They are amazing performers and you can check them out on Itunes now!!  Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey from LoPro will be in the hizzzouse! Pete has an amazing voice and they will play an acoustic set of melodic rock with some muscle to kick it up a notch, kabooom!!. Check out their cool video!  It's going to be a awesome night of music! 

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