Orange Whip Vocal Sessions June-July 2013

Finished recording vocals and harmonies for 2 new songs at "Orange Whip" recording studio in Goleta CA with Thom Flowers. I started the music for them at JR Richards (Dishwalla) Ghost in the Machine studio in Santa Barbara, and they are currently titled Flight of an Angel and Roll the Window Down. The other 3 songs due on the forthcoming EP, Heart Wide Open, Grace, Letting Go were all recorded by Thom Flowers, in Austin TX.  Ironically, those 3 songs were finshed vocally at JR's Studio in SB. Tony Riparetti added some great guitar parts on "Flight of an Angel" (Tony has since joined the live David Loeppke Band). Thom is currently mixing the forthcoming EP again here in CA, and then off to master with Robert Vosgien (Capitol Records). Robert did an excellent job mastering the Big Love EP.

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