Summer News 2014

I love summer, it's my favorite time of year. Blue skies, warm weather, sunlight until late in the evening which makes for great outdoor music events.  I enjoy performing outdoors and will be playing Santa Barbara's Summer Festival on the Mesa at La Mesa Park on July 12th (Saturday) at 5pm.  We played a handful of mini festivals this past month as well as one of our favorite small intimate patio venues in Summerland CA called Cafe Luna. We plan to play a few more patio shows this summer so keep an eye out.  I have also been working on getting a few gigs up and down the California Coast.  I have a show in North Hollywood at the Republic of Pie on Tuesday July 15th at 8pm, which will most likely be a duo or trio set-up. I have a pending gig in San Luis Obispo on September 9th at Linnaea's  If you know of a venue in your own town that would appreciate my kind of music, please contact me via the website and we will try to make it happen! 

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